discovering tenerife
My amazing experience with the “Influencer Program” of Tenerife Magazine.
Thanks to the influencer program of Tenerife Magazine, I had the amazing opportunity to discover Tenerife for a week.
For a long time, I had the desire to explore this island, so different from Lanzarote, where I live.
Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Lanzarote and I think it’s the best place to live. But I also love to travel and find new places!
Tenerife has certainly been a pleasant surprise and its nature has literally enchanted me. Exploring its varied and magnificent landscape with my camera was so exciting and intriguing!
But how did my adventure begin?

 Landing at Tenerife South airport, I had my hire car ready directly in the car park.

Thanks to Pouls Auto‘s innovative system, I didn’t have to wait in any office to get the keys! In fact, each car has a box attached to the window, on which you just need to type a code to have immediate access to the car.

This is really a very simple and functional system! Especially for those who, like me, had to change a couple of flights and couldn’t wait to get to their car, without waiting for an eternity at the airport!
At that point, I finally headed to the southwest of the island, destination: Pearly Grey!
Pearly Grey is a charming resort located in the quiet village of Callao Salvaje and it was my home for a week.
To welcome me on my arrival there was John, Director of Tenerife Magazine. He supported me during all my stay and he always made sure I was comfortable every time as if I were at home.

After a tour of the hotel, I was finally taken to my room and I couldn’t believe my eyes!
It wasn’t just a room, I would call it a mini-apartment! it was equipped with every comfort and accessory, with two fantastic balconies overlooking the ocean… Such a dream!

I spent all afternoon looking around this wonderful place and noticing the amazing details inside the apartment. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful terrace and I practiced meditation with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Just when the sun was going down, I went down to the amazing “The Edge” restaurant. It’s located inside the hotel, and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner with a breathtaking view during the sunset.

The next day, I spent all day with the staff of Tenerife Magazine inside “Oasis Los Gigantes“. It’s a lovely place with several swimming pools, a delightful restaurant and a terrific view on Los Gigantes. This is certanly one of the most characteristic and impressive spots of the island.

In the following days, I visited the island with Poul’s Auto car, trying to capture with my camera as many places as possible.

Exploring the valley of Teide, the highest volcano in Spain, or doing the Masca Walk, 3 hours of trekking down a majestic valley, Tenerife has enchanted me with its really varied and wonderful scenery.

In just a few minutes by car, you can have summer temperatures in the South, but also a mountain climate in the central part of the island! There’s literally a little something for everyone!

The north of the island is very interesting too, and also really varied. From the magnificent Las Teresitas beach, you can reach the majestic Agana Natural Park, on the eastern tip of the island. This place is rich in different types of trees surrounded by an almost mystical landscape.

On the north west of the island, there are other magnificent pearls. Some of them are the spectacular Punta Teno with its ocean of a deep blue colour, and Garachico with its fantastic natural pools.

During my stay, I was able to do other interesting activities. I had the opportunity to practice Yoga and Meditation with the talented Emily of Yoga Vibe Tenerife, and relaxing with a wonderful sunset massage thanks to Judith of Origins Wellness Tenerife.

It was such a great experience, and I want to really thank Tenerife Magazine and Pearly Grey to make this happened!
I hope to come back soon to Tenerife to discover all those little secrets that I couldn’t find during my first trip! 🙂



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