Positive thinking: a weapon against our pessimistic society
Stress, anxiety, frustration and pessimism: who hasn’t experienced these emotions lately?

In the frantic society we live in, we are in constant contact with negative emotions, due to our daily stress for having to carry on our duties: finish a work, study, try to get fit, etc… Everything leads us to anxiety and to a consequent fear of not making it.

But, I would like to reveal a simple trick.
Instead of being afraid of not reaching your goal,
 imagine yourself in the situation where you’ve finally got it. I assure you this pleasant feeling will have a positive impact on your efforts!

The society of the third millennium is definitely more frenetic and pessimistic than in the past. We want and demand more things, we don’t live in a simple way and we are constantly influenced by TV and social networks who tell us what we need to buy, how we should behave and how we should look.


The more positive are your thoughts, the more positive your results will be.
But where to start?

• Don’t watch too much TV

Don’t get stuck all day long listening bad news. Unfortunately, negative events have always happened but in 2017 it’s so much easier and quicker to become aware of every information. Tragic events influence our mood and they sometimes block our efforts to be positive.

• Don’t spend entire days on Social Network

Monitoring what other people are doing doesn’t help us to be positive, especially if we are angry, envy or jealous of these people!

When we wish to keep someone under control, it’s better we focus on things we are fond of or simply think about our responsibilities instead.

• Don’t play the victim!

We must remember that if we keep on being pessimistic, we’ll only attract more negativity.
Instead, concentrate on something you are fond of and when you feel more relaxed and in a good mood, you will also begin to have insights and ideas to solve your problems.

• Don’t criticize or judge others

Everyone’s own experience of life is different from ours. We don’t know what or how he or she has lived, so we have no right to judge the choices that other people make.
Let’s not get angry, then, if someone takes decisions different from ours, it makes no sense to get nervous and attract negativity in our lives for something that doesn’t even concern us personally!

Exercise to attract positivity in your life

Some months ago, I was taught this exercise to improve my positive thinking and I’d like to share it with you as it has been very helpful to me.

Take paper and pen and think of something you don’t like in your life.
Now, analyze this thought and write down the positive sides that this thing brings to you. Try to make an effort and go deeper, looking for as many positive sides as possible.

You think you don’t like your job, that you’re settling for something that doesn’t really make you happy, but maybe:
• colleagues are nice.
• Working part time allows you to dedicate your time to other activities.
• Working full time permits you to put aside some money.
• The boss is very flexible.
• Customers appreciate your work.
• With the money you earn you can pay your bills until you find the job you like.

Read them when you feel frustrated!
If you can’t find not even one positive side, maybe it’s time to be courageous and try to change something.

I finish this article with a quote by Allen Klein, and if you have any doubts about positive thinking you can leave a comment below!

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”

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