El Golfo: a village that is like something out of a painting

If you have read the previous articles of the Lanzarote guide, you already know that the island has a volcanic origin, with large valleys of rocks formed by magma cooling. These rocks, adapting through the ages to the atmospheric agents, created picturesque landscapes as if they had been modeled by a supreme artist.
In the midst of these landscapes we find El Golfo: a fishing village that seems to come straight out of a picture.


Located on the southwest coast of the island and surrounded by the Timanfaya National Park, in its small size this little village has countless beauties that it’s impossible not to be fascinated at first sight.
El Golfo stretches along the coastline, it’s characterized by fine and black sand, that creates exceptional colour contrasts.

The main elements that make this place unique are:

• Charco de los Clicos

This is definitely the main attraction of El Golfo and one of the most impressive of the island.

As soon as you enter the village with your car, park in the square on your left. From there, there is a short and easy walking trail between red volcanic rock formation with incredible shapes. At the end of the trail, you will arrive in a terrace from which you can admire from above this particular green lake: this colour is due to some plant species living on the surface of its waters.

You will notice that the lake is located in a rocky crescent-shaped, separated by the sea only from a black sandy tongue. This crescent-shaped is a volcanic crater, and the lake had origin where it sank beneath the sea level.
This green lagoon communicates with the ocean through an underground canal.
It’s a natural reserve and therefore it’s not possible to get close to have a bath inside!

  • Typical fishermen village

On entering the village, you will notice peace and calm, as if we were in the past. The typical white houses of Lanzarote make it a picturesque setting.

  • Black sand beach

El Golfo beach consists of fine black sand with pebbles and it’s full of seagulls. Situated close to the seashore, some little cubic white houses frame this beach.
Being placed on the west coast, from this side you can see the most beautiful sunsets of the island!

• Canarian cuisine restaurants

If you go to El Golfo you have to stop at one of its restaurants! Their specialities are all canarians so that you can enjoy the typical delicacies, especially the fresh fish caught a few meters from where you are eating and maybe sipping a good local white wine! 🙂

How to get
  • By car

Take the LZ-2 road to Yaiza. From here, follow the signs for El Golfo.

  • By bus

Departing from Playa Blanca or Arrecife, you can reach El Golfo by taking bus number 60.

Other excursions in the surroundings

• Los Hervideros

Near the village of El Golfo you can get to Los Hervideros by car.
Los Hervideros is an imposing volcanic cliff formed by the lava cooling in contact with seawater. The result of this work of nature is a disarming charm!

  • Salinas de Janubio

A few miles south of Los Hervideros we find the Salinas de Janubio: an impressive salt deposit built in the late 1800’s and still in use!
It’s part of the SPZ, a special protection zone, as it’s home to different animals and plant species. (More info about Salinas de Janubio here: http://salinasdejanubio.com )

Watch my video exploring El Golfo, Los Hervideros, and Salinas de Janubio!


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