Playas Papagayo: a paradise on Earth

A crystalline water to envy the Caribbean, golden sand and innumerable coves where to stay undisturbed: these are the Playas Papagayo.

Playas Papagayo are a set of finely sandy beaches divided by massive rocks.
We are in the extreme south of the island of Lanzarote, and for this reason we can enjoy almost all year round a pleasant and sunny day.
These beaches are sheltered from a high cliff that allows us to relax without being afraid to be disturbed by windy fouls!
How to get
It is very easy to get to the Playas Papagayo if you have rented a car. From Playa Blanca, the largest tourist center on the extreme south of the island, there are many road directions that lead you to the Papagayo trail.
After a few kilometers of dirt road, you will find yourself at a crossroads where you can choose which beach to visit first!
If you don’t have the car, you can walk from Playa Blanca by following an alternative route to the car one, passing by the coast. The walking time is about half an hour, and I suggest you check the tides before venturing out: with the high tide it might be a problem to pass from the beach!
How much

• By car
By car you will have to go on a dirt road. At the beginning of this street you will be required to pay 3 euros PER car.

• On foot

No payment is required if you are walking.


• Organized tours
If you decide to hire a tour operator and come with an organized tour, the costs are different for each company.


Different beaches

As I was saying, Papagayo consists of many beaches and in less than a day you can visit them all.

Below I show you the 3 beaches I prefer!

Playa de Papagayo
Of course it is the most famous and also the most beautiful: a crystalline sea full of contrasts, from celestial to cobalt blue.
A fine golden sand beach and a cliff that surrounds the bay and repairs it from the wind gusts.
If you are hungry and / or thirsty, on the cliff beside the beach there are some chiringuitos ready to satisfy your culinary needs! 🙂
Playa del Pozo

Arriving by car, it is located to the right of the Papagayo Beach.

Caleta del Congrio

This beach, on the other hand, is to the left of the Papagayo. It is the largest in the beaches of Papagayo and perhaps the quietest! Given the size, you will feel more relaxed with fewer people around you: for this reason you will notice that in this cove many people practice nudism.

Other excursions
If you like walking and trekking and you are close to Papagayo, you have to know that these beaches are part of a natural park called Los Ajaches that you can explore through a route.
Los Ajaches is the oldest island area and includes the southernmost part of Lanzarote.
It is a volcanic formation of great archaeological significance: there are caves and traces of ancient shepherds.

The whole route extends for 6 kilometers, it lasts about 5 and a half hours and it starts from the town of Femés, then crosses the southern part of the island, and finally end in Playa Blanca.


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any doubts or questions about las Playas de Papagayo please leave a comment below! 🙂

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