The Photographer Collection: a new Apparel Brand inspired by a photographer point of view, starting with the Canary Islands in a T-Shirt.

It is with very pleasure that I announce the launch of my first line of clothing: The Photographer Collection! The Canary Islands have inspired me to create this amazing new apparel. Finally, you can now literally wear your favorite Canarian landscape in a T-Shirt, a Hoodie or in a Phone Case. All the designs are from the best pictures that I took around the Canary Islands during these last 5 years. Living in this paradise is a privilege, and I wanted to transmit this beautiful feeling giving to everybody the possibily to wear the place that has special spot in their heart. In this case that place will be one of the best landscape of the Canarian archipelago. You can choose between many place of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and El Hierro, there are sooo many designs!

The Photographer Collection gives you the possibility to wear your favorite destination from the Canary Islands not only in a T-Shirt but also in an amazing Hoodie. These Sweatshirts are really soft and they definitely are my favorite piece of clothing! They are so warm and the material is super amazing. I am sure that everybody will fall in love with these Hoodies!

The White T-Shirts are also really nice. They are 100% Cotton and it is possible to wear them all year long because of their good material. Washing them is really easy and the print doesn’t fade after few washing.

If fashion isn’t really your thing but you want a piece of the Canary Islands with you, you can always get one of the beautiful Phone Cases! You can find them for all the models of iPhone and the latest models of Samsung. This is also a great way to have always your favorite destination close to you.

Sooo, what are you waiting for? Get now your favorite T-Shirt of the Canary Islands from The Photographer Collection, or an amazing sweatshirt or a phone case. Your dream destination has never been so close before!

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