Caleta de Famara: the surfers’ paradise
You know those movies set in California, where the boys with their vans loaded with surfboards scan the horizon waiting for the perfect wave? Caleta de Famara seems to be out of one of these films, with the difference that we are in Europe and not in America!
Situated on the northwest coast of the island, Caleta de Famara has always been a fishing village but, recently, it has developed tourism thanks to surf.

Throughout the village, we can find many surf shops that sell not only sport products but also surf and kite surfing lessons! In fact, heading towards the great Famara beach, we can see many groups of surf schools!

Famara beach is a rare beauty: almost 6 km long,  it’s the largest of the island and the wave-shaped mountain that dominates the bay is a unique charm. This mountain is called “Risco”, and it’s the highest peak of the whole island with its 670 meters.

The beach is of fine golden sand and it’s absolutely forbidden to take a bath! Here the currents are very strong and dangerous and it’s allowed to enter in the water only when you practice surf, under the supervision of lifeguards.

How to get there
• By car

Follow the directions for Teguise. Just before arriving in this town, you will find a roundabout with a sign indicating Caleta de Famara: turn here.

This road is very beautiful and panoramic: you’ll drive surrounded by desert, framed by La Graciosa and Risco mountain and the ocean on the horizon.

• By bus

Line 20 from Arrecife

Line 31 from Costa Teguise
Where to eat

As I said at the beginning of the article, Famara was a fishing village and its history is mainly related to fishing. For this reason, we can find good seafood restaurants all over the village, but in particular one stands out to be in the Michelin guide: the restaurant “El Risco”. The quality of the products and the fresh fish used by this restaurant makes it certainly one of the best on the island and it’s definitely worth a try!

Where to sleep
During a holiday, staying at Famara could be a smart choice as the village is in a strategic location, convenient to reach both the north and south of the island.

There are different kinds of accommodation, depending on how much you want to spend and how many people you are.
• Famara Bungalow
High budget. Suitable for families or groups

Exactly in front of Famara beach we find these very recent residential buildings, independent cottages that climb on Risco de Famara and overlook the village. From here there is a great view and if you have the economic possibilities I recommend this kind of accommodation.

• Surfhouse
Medium / Low Budget. Suitable for single travelers, groups of friends or couples.
Every surf shop you will encounter certainly has a surfhouse under management.
The Surfhouses are houses shared with other people who come to Famara mostly for surfing and / or take lessons. There are both single and shared rooms available, and the rest of the house is all to share. It’s a very fun experience if you want to meet other people and make friends!
• Apartment in Caleta de Famara
Medium / High budget. Suitable for families or groups

Inside the village there are plenty of houses for tourists. Most of these apartments can be found on Airbnb’s website.

Famara is definitely one of the most magical places in Lanzarote and a visit to this resort is compulsory!
I recommend a walk on the beach during the sunset: the colors of Risco mountain and the coast will leave you breathless!

If you have any questions or comments about Caleta de Famara, leave a comment below!

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