Jameos del Agua: a tiny underground world

Lanzarote is an island full of surprises and extraordinary places: one of these is the gorgeous Jameos del Agua.
Located on the northeast of the island, just after the village of Arrieta, Jameos del Agua is the final point of the volcanic tunnel that also includes Cueva de los Verdes.

The term “Jameo” means puddle: in fact, there are several lakes inside this underground tunnel. This phenomenon is attributed to its the proximity to the ocean and its location below sea level!

Cesar Manrique was the one who had the brilliant idea of adapting a unique ecosystem with architecture, respecting the naturalness of the place. Inside the Jameos del Agua we can find rare species of plants and animals: inside the cave, there is a natural pool where a kind of albino crab unique in the world is living!

Outside the cave, there is a wonderful garden with a crystalline pool surrounded by palm trees and different species of plants like beautiful Hibiscus!
It’s such an enchanting place that makes us feel like in a fairy tale!

There are two more fascinating places in this structure: the Auditorium and la Casa de los Volcanes.

  • The Auditorium is a concert hall that takes advantage of the natural acoustics of the volcanic cave. Inside, concerts of classical music and Dj sets are regularly organized.
  • La Casa de los Volcanes is a museum and an interactive center dedicated to the study of volcanic phenomena. Here they carry out numerous scientific studies and training activities accompanied by audiovisual material: interactive maps, photos, videos and much more. After visiting this center, the world of volcanoes will no longer have secrets!

If all this is not enough, in the Jameos del Agua you can find a restaurant and a bar ready to satisfy your culinary needs!

How to get there

Head towards Costa Teguise and follow the directions for the Jameos del Agua or Arrieta!

How much

• Adults: 9 euros
• Children up to 12 years: 4,50 euros
• Discount for canary residents

In my opinion the Jameos del Agua is one of the most fascinating places on the island, and is well worth a visit! During the summer, I suggest you visit it early in the morning or in the afternoon so you can enjoy the tour without too much crowd!

If you have any comments or questions about Jameos del Agua please leave a comment below!


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