Let’s discover the natural pools of Lanzarote: Los Charcones
When we talk about Lanzarote, we immediately think about fantastic golden beaches or with the finest black sand, and the impetuous ocean that surrounds the island. However, the big waves and the strong currents along the coast often prevent us from diving into the ocean and enjoying a nice, refreshing bath. One solution might be to spend a day at Playa Papagayo, where ocean currents are usually weaker. But if we want a bit of peace and relax, especially during the summer months, this solution may not be the best for us. 
Recently, while looking at some photos of Lanzarote on Instagram, I discovered a fascinating place I had never heard of before. This amazing place was called Los Charcones.
Los Charcones (from Spanish: the big ponds) are just “puddles”. They were created by the proximity of the rocky coastline to the ocean, creating beautiful natural pools.

Here, we can dive without the fear of waves or strong currents, as if we were in a pool!

This phenomenon occours in several parts of Lanzarote, but the most famous Charcones are those located on the southwest coast. From the far west end of Playa Blanca, for several kilometers to the north, we can find several natural pools.

Reaching this place isn’t very easy. I personally managed to find Los Charcones only at the third attempt! But if it were so simple, it wouldn’t be so quiet and without any crowd.

How to get there

There are two ways to reach Los Charcones.

• From Playa Blanca: Go to the west of the city and then head north along the coast. It’s very risky to drive on this road if you don’t have a SUV or 4x4. I suggest to park the car just as soon as you realize that the condition of the path is too poor to continue. Then just go ahead walking.

• From the north: get to Las Salinas de Janubio and take the Via Ciclista that leads to Playa Blanca. You’ll be on the parallel path to the main road. Pay attention to your right, because at some point you’ll see a small sign saying PLAYA. Here you have to turn. If you fail you have to arrive until Playa Blanca and come back!
So take this road, get to the proximity of the coast and you’ll see the Water Station on the right. At this point you can decide whether to park the car and walk for a few kilometers or, if you have a car that has no problems on the dirt road, drive to the path on the left.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly where to stop, because there aren’t many landmarks on the dirt road. I suggest you to stop every now and then to go and have a look on the coast to see if you are near any Charcones.

Be very careful: some natural pools are really beautiful to see from above but impossible to reach! (Unless you have a helicopter 😃.) If you see that there is literally nobody and the descent seems too difficult, just keep walking! You’ll surely find other Charcones with an easier descent.

So, after discovering that Lanzarote isn’t just made up of golden or volcanic beaches but also by beautiful natural pools, we can thank Mother Nature for the wonderful work it has done and enjoy our well-deserved relax!



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