Who needs to go to Bali when you can find it in Jardin Tropical, inside a beautiful island like Tenerife?

For three days I had the amazing opportunity to stay in the wonderful Jardin Tropical.


Jardin Tropical is a beautiful resort situated in the most touristic spot of the island: Playa de Las Américas. The excellent position in the south of Tenerife lets you enjoy sunshine all year long and always high temperatures.

As soon as you walk through the entrance doors of Jardin Tropical, your first feeling is of being in a tropical paradise, just like Bali.
The amazing weather combined with the exotic architecture and furniture will make you feel grateful.
Why grateful? Because you just found a corner of paradise inside the amazing island of Tenerife, that itself is a wonderful place.


I was staying in a Junior Suite: an elegant bedroom with a king size bed, a nice terrace and bathroom.

From the terrace I had a gorgeous view over the ocean and the bathroom was equipped with a fabulous bathtub. Also, exotic decorations were all around my room and a giant closet was made available.

One of the best things that I absolutely adored about this resort was the breakfast. It was served inside the “Food Market”: one of the amazing restaurants inside the hotel.

Breakfast is served as a buffet, so you can choose between hundreds of different type of food!

It is really unlikely that you would not find something you like to eat. From lots of pastries, to omelette or crepes cooked in front of you, there is literally everything you could ask!

Walking around the resort, youll find palm trees and tropical plants everywhere, exactly like in a Balinese dream.

Obviously, there were also amazing Balinese beds facing a wonderful ocean view. Staying in these beds made me feel so relaxed and regenerated, even if I was working with my laptop! Work becomes really more enjoyable while laying in this amazing bed 🙂

One of the other things I truly appreciated was the staff of Jardin Tropical.

Their great attention to the needs of the guests makes them an amazing team. Their wonderful kindness and smiles will make you feel like you always meant to be in this magical place and family called Jardin Tropical.

I want to express my gratitude to John and Simon from Tenerife Magazine and to Fabien and Alicia from Jardin Tropical for letting me experience this wonderful corner of paradise. I am so thankful!

BOOK YOUR VACATION AT JARDIN TROPICAL HERE: https://www.jardin-tropical.com/

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