Mirador del Rio: to be in the seventh heaven.

Have you ever wondered how does God look¬†at us from the clouds? Well, from Mirador del Rio we can get an idea. ūüôā

At the top of the far north of Lanzarote, located on the edge of the Risco de Famara mountain, we find a magnificent viewpoint that shows us from above the wonderful island of La Graciosa and the entire Chinijo archipelago.

The landscape is surreal, it seems to be in the middle of the clouds and the color contrasts of the sea and the island are spectacular.
We are more than 470 meters high, and beyond the splendid view of the islets in front, we can admire the Risco mountain and the beach below where the Salinas del Rio are located: the oldest saltern of the island.

The “Rio” is the name of the strip of sea that separates La Graciosa from Lanzarote‚Äôs coast placed under the Mirador, which is why it was called “Mirador del Rio”.

Mirador del Rio is a very characteristic work of the famous architect C√®sar Manrique: it’s a stone building that adapts perfectly to the surrounding landscape so that you don’t immediately notice where the entrance is.
Inside there is a bar where you can order food or drinks enjoying an unbelievable panorama.
There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy typical products to bring home.

How to get

The only way you can get to the Mirador del Rio is with your own car.
Follow the signs for Harìa and here you will find many road signs that will show you how to get to the Mirador.

How much
  • For adults: 4,50 euros
  • For children under 12 years: 2.25 euros
  • Discount for canary residents

If this panorama has fascinated you, when you leave the Mirador del Rio with  your car go along the road that starts on the left of the building: from the road you can still enjoy the exciting view of Graciosa from above!

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